Measure Your Heart Rate Everywhere

Cardiograph is improved and redesigned to provide fast and reliable way to measure your heart rate on Android, iOS, watchOS, and macOS. Feeling sentimental? The old app is still available as "Cardiograph Classic".

Cardiograph is available for Android and iOS.


Improved Algorithm

Get accurate results almost instantly with brand new measurement algorithm.

Easy integration with Cardiograph Classic.

Keep track of your health

It can be very useful while exercising, if you're under stress, if you have a heart-related medical condition, or even just out of curiosity.

Simple and useful design

The minimalistic and intuitive design shows you everything at a glance and makes Cardiograph approachable and easy to use for everyone.

Multiple profiles

Android Only

Cardiograph is perfectly tailored to allow multiple people to use the app on a shared device. You can create profiles for each of your family members or friends, and each of them has their own individual measurement history.

Health app and 3D Touch

iOS Only

The Health app keeps you motivated by showing you how much you move. It combines activity data from iPhone — like your steps and distance traveled — with metrics from third-party fitness apps.

iMessage Extension

Send your heart rate by presenting it in a beautiful way with our iMessage Extension.

How it Works?

Cardiograph works by illuminating your index finger with your device's camera flash, rendering your finger red and measuring the changes in the color caused by your pulse. Almost like magic.

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