Your Personal Heart Rate Meter

Cardiograph Classic is the most accurate heart rate measuring application. Get your heartbeat anytime, anywhere.

Tracks Your History

Every time you check your heart rate, we save its date, time and even location, so you can keep track of your vitals wherever you go.

iCloud Sync

Data from all of your profiles is seamlessly synchronized in the background to all of your devices - the Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

What do People Say

  • Biutch ★★★★★

    “It warned me when my heart rate reached 166. Felt light headed and checked HR. Went to ER and was treated. Without it I would not have been aware of my condition. Everyone should have it.”
  • jessnnz ★★★★★

    “Had a heart transplant ten months ago and this app helps me keep track of rate so that I can report any changes to docs!”
  • dennyc69 ★★★★★

    “If you like health and fitness apps and you have a collection of them on your iPhone, you should have this app.”
  • Feather 55 ★★★★★

    “It's fun to pull out at parties. Everyone wants to check their heart rates.”
  • Error X ★★★★★

    “My doctor recommends I get a heart monitor. And I showed this app to him and it was almost pixel perfect it was off by 1 or 2 digest but it works amazing.”
  • Hudsonvalleyguy ★★★★★

    When I exercise, wake up or just monitor my day rate, it gives my heart doc a good info and helps him in guiding my care. Five star support when it crashed, also. They responded to my email and got it back up and running.
  • mersek63 ★★★★

    “I'm a cardiac nurse and thought this looked interesting. Front camera does a much better job than the back. I feel it's a great tool to help people know they are ok.”
  • mom23blessings ★★★★★

    “This app is very useful for monitoring my normally irregular heartbeat. I use it to keep my caffeine consumption to a minimum for me.”
  • Sgt. Rock1967 ★★★★★

    “Says it's not a medical device, and it's not, but gives the same reading as the cardio monitor I wear at the gym. Great app to keep track of your heart rate anytime.”
  • Vanessa H ★★★★★

    “I love that you can store your data and track trends. Having the ability to track additional profiles allows me to track my dads’ data too.”
  • Bob Spadafora ★★★★★

    “I know you have the disclaimer on the screen but I don't care, Cardiograph saved my life.  Your app was key to understanding what was going on and help the doctors understand too.”

How it Works

Cardiograph Classic works by illuminating your index finger with your device's camera flash, rendering your finger red and measuring the changes in the color caused by your pulse. Almost like magic.