A Simple and Elegant Way
to wake up on time

Clean and Usefull

One of the cleanest and most elegant designed alarm clock you will ever experience on your Android device regardless of the size and quality of your screen.

Fully Cusomizable

Light, dark, analog or digital for the main application
and up to 21 different combinations for our big and small widgets

Plethora of features

  • Unlimted alarms and timers
  • Low usage of system resources
  • Automatic time-zone and DST adjustment
  • Wake up with any ringtone or song
  • Full support for Android TV
  • Notifications for set, missed and active alarms
  • Battery preserving autosnooze option
  • Fade-in option for gentle and soft waking
  • Skip alarm for your convenience
  • Bathe your room with flashlight colors

Create Your Widgets

Supports Android TV